New paper about the role of kinematics in emotional facial expressions

Well done to Sophie, Bianca, Dagmar and Connor on their new paper! In a series of four (!) experiments they dissociate spatial and kinematic cues in the recognition of emotion from facial expressions, and demonstrate that speeding-up facial expressions promotes anger and happiness judgements whilst slowing-down expressions encourages sadness judgements. Thanks to Sophie for driving this project!

Sowden, S. L., Schuster, B. A., Fraser, D.S., Keating, C., & Cook, J. L. (in press). The role of movement kinematics in facial emotion expression production and recognition. Emotion. — data & stimuli — pdf

Heartbeat Counting and Heartbeat Discrimination meta-analysis

Congratulations to Lydia on the acceptance of her new meta-analysis on the relationship between Heartbeat Counting and Heartbeat Discrimination! The paper will be published in Biological Psychology soon but you can view the author version here:

Hickman, L., Seyedsalehi, A., Cook, J.L, Bird, G., Murphy, J. (in press). The relationship between Heartbeat Counting and Heartbeat Discrimination: a meta-analysis. Biological Psychology. pdf

U21 Researcher Resilience grant awarded to form an international autism research network

Congratulations to Sophie, Lydia, Connor and Bianca who have been awarded a U21 Researcher Resilience grant. This grant will fund work to bring together researchers and autistic individuals from around the world to form the U21 Autism Research Network. The Network will discuss issues around diversity and inclusion in autism research. Looking forward to seeing what happens with this exciting project!

App. developer job. Full-time / part-time. Salary £29,799 to £38,832.

I’m looking for a full-stack and mobile application developer to work with my team to develop a battery of computerised tests which index cognitive ability and
manual dexterity. Ideally I’m looking for someone to start asap. and work full-time for 9 months. However, there is a lot of flexibility, so this job can be taken on a part-time basis. The starting salary is normally in the range of £29,799 to £38,832 depending on skills and experience. There is also the possibility of sub-contracting this job to a team/company so if you, or your team, are interested let me know.

Please get in touch if you’d like more details! My email is