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Research Update – Parkinson’s UK Study – Lydia Hickman

A Mismatch of Autistic and Non-autistic Facial Expressions – Connor Keating

The role of movement speed in the way we produce and perceive emotion from faces – Sophie Sowden

Potential drivers of atypically jerky movements in autism – Jennifer Cook

No differences between autistic and non-autistic adults with respect to social and non-social influences on risky decision-making – Lydia Hickman

Dopaminergic modulation of learning rate in social and non-social learning – Alicia Rybicki

Examining movement kinematic differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Parkinson’s Disease – Lydia Hickman

The role of dopamine on movement speed in a drawing task – Sophie Sowden

Dopaminergic modulation of learning from social and individual information – Alicia Rybicki

Effects of the dopamine receptor antagonist Haloperidol on mentalizing performance in healthy adults – Bianca Schuster

U21 Autism Research Network Introductory Video

U21 Autism Research Network Event – Let’s talk about autism: diversity and inclusion (1 hour consolidated version)

How learning styles can influence what kind of leader you are – Jennifer Cook

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