Clinical Research Fellow Position – apply now! (deadline 4/10)

(Very) flexible Clinical Research Fellow Position helping us to run psychopharmacology experiments Great if you’re a medic interested in psychology. LOTS of flexibility re. hours/length of contract. Deadline 4/10:

New paper in JEP:General

Congratulations to Monja on her new paper which investigates the role of catecholamines in the avoidance of cognitive control. Click here for the preprint.


Froböse, M.I., Swart, J.C., Cook, J.L., Geurts, D.E.M., den Ouden, H.E.M., Cools, R. (in press). Catecholaminergic modulation of the avoidance of cognitive control. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

New preprint out now

New preprint available here:

Cook, J.L., Swart, J.C., Froböse, M.I., Diaconescu, A., Geurts, D.E.M., den Ouden, H.E.M., Cools, R. Catecholamine Challenge Uncovers Distinct Mechanisms For Direct Versus Indirect, But Not Social Versus Non-Social, Learning.

3-year, ERC-funded, postdoc position

Are you interested in the complex relationship between dopamine, social cognition and bodily movement difficulties? Do you want to help us understand the similarities and differences between Autism and Parkinson’s Disease?

We are offering a 3-year, ERC-funded, postdoctoral position working on the Brain2Bee project. See here for more details:

Don’t miss the 10th November application deadline!